Principles of Economics, spring 2014

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Homework assignments…

Reflection 1, due Tuesday, 2/4: What do you hope to get out of the course? What questions in economics do you find interesting?

Problem set 1, due Tuesday, 2/18: Click here for the pdf.

Problem set 2, due Tuesday, 2/25: Click here for the pdf.

Reflection 2, due Tueday, 3/18: Why do monopolies exist? What are the welfare implications of monopolies? How to oligopolies compare to monopolies and to perfect competition?

Problem set 3, due Tuesday, 4/1: Click here for the pdf.

Reflection 3, due Tuesday, 4/8: Define ‘negative externality’, ‘positive externality’, and ‘public good’. For each, give an example not found in the text, and comment the pros and cons of government intervention.

Problem set 4, due Tuesday, 4./15: Click here for the pdf.

Reflection 4, due Thursday, 4/30: Using material from the course, give intellectually sympathetic summaries of the arguments of the Democrat and Republican parties on economic policy. Include a discussion of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Reflection 5, due Tuesday, 5/6: Propose a paper topic.